About My

Hello! My name is My.

I am a designer, content creator, and illustrator from the United States. 

I’d always loved to draw and went to college to study graphic design, which ultimately led me to advertising as my first job. 

Then I worked in fashion and at that same time, I started my first blog and have been blogging about fashion and a little bit of travel for 5 years until I finally established MyOhhMy Studio focusing on what I love to do best: art.

And if I didn’t study graphic design, I would have majored in fashion design because my dream as a child was to be a bridal designer.

When traveling is a thing again, I would love to go on a trip with a friend and create new visual memories.

My dog, Binky (a Coton de Tulear) is always with me when I work.

My closet is filled with tweed and classic accessories—I would describe my personal style as classic and trendy.